The views and experiences of our residents are at the heart of what we do.  Actively involving our residents, helps us improve and shape our services.

Through Jigsaw Rewards we have created a platform that enables residents to give us regular feedback on our services and plans for the future. In return they receive points which can be exchanged for gift vouchers or credits on your rent account.

Every year, we consult on a variety of subjects and services from across the business.  The feedback we receive helps us make the changes necessary to ensure these services continue to meet our customers’ needs.   In a series of ‘You Said – We did’ articles, we will help demonstrate the outcomes of our resident consultations outlining what we did to improve services.

The feedback we received from our Energy Survey, highlighted a clear need for raising awareness around Energy Efficiency among residents.  

‘You Said’
Before reading the draft policy and procedure, 67% of our Jigsaw Rewards members who completed the survey were not aware that Jigsaw Group offers help and support regarding Energy Advice.

‘We Did’
Our Energy Advice leaflet for residents has been revised and is now included in our tenancy sign up packs and winter warmer packs.

‘You Said’
77% of our Jigsaw Rewards members who completed the survey would consider contacting Jigsaw Homes for Energy Advice if they knew we could help.

‘We Did’
A group wide Key Performance Indicator has now been set with various departments across the Jigsaw Group to provide Energy Advice to 3,500 residents per year

‘You Said’
33% of our Jigsaw Rewards members who completed the survey were interested in obtaining advice on how to reduce their energy costs and getting help to switch energy suppliers.

‘We Did’
Giving residents energy advice is now part of all our Neighbourhood Plans Officers’ key work objectives.  This will be delivered in a variety of ways, including a more virtual process and making information available through written packs which enables social distancing.

We’re very grateful to everyone who took the time to share their experiences with us.  Your views have helped us improve and refine our services to you.

Jigsaw Rewards offers residents a number of ways to get involved in making a difference and one of  those ways is participating in our scrutiny panel.

Victoria, one of our Jigsaw Rewards users, said: “Thank you for letting me be a part of this scrutiny panel, its been great and done wonders for my mental health being able to interact with others whilst keeping safe. I look forward to when the next scrutiny panel is advertised.”

If you have not already registered, it’s simple and quick to do.  Please visit our Jigsaw Rewards website and sign up today!