Despite social distancing measures, the Greater Manchester Housing First team has been able to adapt its way of working in
order to continue to rehouse people who are homeless with complex needs and vulnerabilities.

Since the lockdown was introduced, GMHF has used creative thinking and communication, working with local authorities and
housing associations to successfully complete four sign-ups and move-ins. Sign ups are being done remotely over the internet
and the move-ins using a key safe.

The team has collected and delivered six welcome packs which include essentials such as airbeds, pillows, duvets, microwaves,
furniture, kitchen essentials and food, all funded by the project. There have been delays on resettlement deliveries caused
by the lockdown, so these welcome packs have made a huge difference to the clients when they first move into their new

In some cases, temporary accommodation has been needed while a suitable property has been found for people who are streethomeless
and the GMHF team has worked hard to secure this, as well as procuring phones in order to maintain crucial contact
with the customers.