At Jigsaw we strive to ensure we get things right and to make sure our tenants are happy with the service they receive.  However, at times, we hold our hands up – everyone gets it wrong occasionally and, when that occurs, we need to know where things aren’t right so we can resolve the issue.  Customer feedback is very important as it helps us to learn and grow as a company, so that we can improve the service we provide to all our customers.

It may be a simple mistake where the tenant does not necessarily want to make a formal complaint but instead may just wish to question something they are not sure about or something they believe to be wrong or inaccurate.  They may have received their rent statement and need to question their rent amount or may not have been fully happy with how a repair has been carried out or how they have been treated by a particular team.

To explore this area, a questionnaire was developed to look at tenants’ awareness of the procedures we have in place if they wish to question something or tell us that something isn’t quite right. 

What we learned from the results (findings):

  • There were 200 respondents in total.  All the subsidiaries were represented.
  • If respondents felt the rent amount was incorrect on their rent statement the majority said they would telephone the contact centre (43.5%) or the rents team direct (41.5%)
  • If respondents were unhappy about the standard of a completed repair the majority said they would telephone the contact centre (40.5%) or the repairs team direct (36%) although just over a tenth said they would raise it with the tradesman there and then.
  • Reasons for not raising things with us included:
    -respondents feeling it wouldn’t make a difference anyway (22.3%)
    – they didn’t want to make a fuss (17.3%)
    -they weren’t sure how and who to contact (16.5%) and
    -they were concerned about the repercussions (12.7%).
    ‘Other’ reasons cited for not raising things seemed to fall into four main categories: i)a difficulty raising the issue (i.e. language barriers/autism), ii)a lack of faith in the process/a belief that nothing would get done, iii)being unsure of the procedure/who to contact and iv)not wanting to make a fuss.  Some noted that it would be useful to have a reference of key contacts especially since the separate organisations have become ‘Jigsaw’.
  • Overall, just over half said they were aware of our customer complaints process and the fact Jigsaw had a dedicated team to deal with their complaints.  This was slightly lower amongst New Charter respondents (44.1%) compared to those living in Adactus Housing (59.8%), Beech (63.6%) and Chorley (54.3%).
  • Around a third had raised something previously that they felt wasn’t quite ‘right’ or satisfactory.  Most of these related to repairs or rent issues.  Of those that had raised issues, almost all (92.1%) said they had received a response from staff.  However, of those who had received a response, only around a third said they were satisfied with this.
    Of those who were dissatisfied (and responded to the question) just under two fifths had taken this further.

The responses we received ensure we now have a better understanding of some of the factors which may hold tenants back from raising things with us. Including the hurdles people feel they face when raising minor issues or concerns or when seeking clarification about something.  We now have an insight into some of the considerations people have to make when raising an issue with us – several people felt they lacked the confidence, some felt that they might be ignored and others said they were not always sure who they should contact.

What we will do with the results (outcomes):

  • We will review how customer contacts are handled
  • We will review the information held on our websites and portals to make sure it is as easy as possible for contacts to come into the right people
  • Review the information given to tenants at the very start of their tenancy so it is relevant, clear and encourages contact to the right people.
  • Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey, the feedback was most informative and will help us understand some of the obstacles tenants may have to raising issues or concerns and help us improve our communication with tenants about the different ways we can be contacted and key contacts when they have an issue they wish to raise.

If you want to take part in similar consultations, please get involved and join Jigsaw Rewards today!

Full Survey results:

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