We recently reviewed our Customer Insight strategy and asked Jigsaw Rewards members to tell us how they would expect us to collect, use and store data and information about them and people who live with them. The responses to the survey helped guide the strategy to make sure we understand how we can ensure customers have trust and confidence in how we use customer data and information. 124 tenants took part in the survey from across Jigsaw Group.

What we learned from the results (findings):

  • Our customers are generally happy with us collecting and using their personal information such as telephone number and date of birth, but are less certain about why we need more sensitive information such as sexuality, religion or information about their health.
  • Our customers generally trust their landlord with their data, but are less sure about us passing on their data to a third party unless it is to deliver services on our behalf such as repair contractors.
  • There appears to be a general lack of understanding with why we collect customer data, how it is used and how it adds value and makes a difference.

What we will do with the results (outcomes):

  • The results have contributed to our Group Customer Insight Strategy
  • We will aim to only collect customer data and information that we intend to use
  • We will regularly publish information about how we have used customer data and information and how it is making a difference
  • We will ensure we keep our customer data safe and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the survey. If you would like to take part in surveys like this, join Jigsaw Rewards today!

Key findings: