We are carrying out a tenant led scrutiny project to explore how prepared our customers are for welfare benefit changes, in particular Universal Credit.

The responses to the survey helped us to understand the support needs of our customers and the best ways to provide information.

What we learned from the results (findings):

  • Our customers are generally able to provide at least one piece of photographic identification.
  • 89% of those responding to the survey had a bank account in their own name (essential when claiming Universal Credit)
  • 1 in 5 people who responded to the survey were already receiving Universal Credit
  • Just 31% of people who responded read all the information we send out with rent statements

What we will do with the results (outcomes):

  • The results have contributed to our Welfare Reform Scrutiny project, the recommendations from this project will be presented to our Board for consideration during January 2019
  • We have a better understanding of which parts of the Universal Credit application process customers will find most challenging
  • We will aim to provide supportive information in the forms customers are most likely to find useful

Key findings:

Full Survey results:

Please click here to view the full survey results.