Over the past several months we have asked Jigsaw Rewards members to participate in a variety of activities based around taking and sending us photographs.  We call these Jigsaw Reward activities ‘photo tasks’.

Photo tasks are a great new way for you to tell about our services; after all ‘a picture tells a thousand words’.  This type of activity works really well for the more visual services – such as caretaking and grounds maintenance, in these instances it can be much more effective to highlight both positive and problem areas with an image.

Because this type of activity is reliant on the images we receive, we started off with some fun activities so that members could practice taking and uploading quality photos that meet our requirements.  These tasks included taking selfies and sending us pictures of the wonderful summer.  We also used this opportunity to get members to photograph our new Jigsaw logo – it was spotted on leaflets, posters, vans, and buildings, and was the perfect way to make residents aware of our new Jigsaw brand after the merger. The photographs we received were great; it was especially good to see residents enjoying the uncharacteristically good summer!

After such a confident start, we asked members to tell us about our services – these included our grass cutting service (where applicable) and other grounds maintenance services.  Respondents overwhelmingly told and ‘showed’ us that they are pleased with the quality of the services but some said we could be better at clearing away moss and other debris from external pathways.  We were also made aware of a few other potential issues, repairs and concerns some members had.

All feedback, including the issues that required action, was passed on to the relevant teams – enabling them to feed this information into their service plan.

To highlight the effectiveness of these photographic activities, we have put together a montage of images for each of the photo tasks completed so far – simply click on images/links below.

Days in the sun Summer selfie Jigsaw Rocks Spot the Jigsaw Logo Did we cut your
grass well?
Grounds Maintenance
Send us a Snap

Thank you to everyone who sent us a photograph, we have included as many as possible but we received so many, we couldn’t fit them all in!

We will continue to ask Jigsaw Rewards members about their experiences with our services, so if you would like the opportunity to take part in tasks such as these, join Jigsaw Rewards today!