At Jigsaw, we work together with residents to shape our priorities through an active consultation process via Jigsaw Rewards Scrutiny panel.

On Wednesday 13th January 2021 the scrutiny panel met via Zoom for the second interim meeting on their scrutiny of Gas Safety.

The main purpose of this meeting was to discuss the interim report which has been produced by our Chief Executive’s department, following an investigation based on the detailed scope set out by the panel.

Discussions took place regarding the progress of the investigation so far, items for further investigation and possible recommendations.

These items included standardising the Gas Safety paperwork across the group, for example, appointment letters and providing additional information to remind tenants that it is their responsibility as per their tenancy agreement to have a gas check carried out.

A further investigation will now be carried out by our Chief Executive’s department and the final report will be compiled.

The Scrutiny Panel will meet again this month to review the recommendations within the report and decide whether or not to approve them.