As a company we aim to be open and honest about our performance, the decisions that we make and ultimately why we make them. This approach is central to our relationship with our customers and helps us create and maintain confidence in our services. We are committed to publishing information on our website to fulfil this commitment.

Jigsaw Group was formed on 03 April 2018 through a transfer of engagements of New Charter Housing Trust into Adactus Housing Group.

You can read a summary of the Corporate Plan by clicking the link below.

Corporate Plan Summary 2018-2019

For an overview of Jigsaw Group’s activities, performance and financial position at the end of the financial year 2018/19 please click on the link below.

> Financial Statements 2018/19
Jigsaw Homes Group Financial Statements

Jigsaw Homes Group is part of Greater Manchester Housing Providers (GMHP) and plays a key role in delivering 227,000 more homes needed across the city region over the next 20 years.  Read the full GMHP Ambition to Deliver manifesto here.

We have also pulled together a set of documents that contain further information about the Group and its founding members.  These are available to view online or download as PDF’s below.

> Value for Money Reports
New Charter Housing VFM Report

> Social Value
Adactus Breathe Annual Report
New Charter Housing Trust Social Accounts

> Gender Pay Report
Jigsaw Group Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

> Equality & Diversity Policy
Jigsaw Group Equality & Diversity Policy