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Publications schedule
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Corporate Plan
Our plan begins with an overview of the strategic challenges facing Jigsaw. We highlight these to provide context for our plans. One of the key lessons from the six years of Jigsaw’s existence is that we are a resilient and adaptable organisation with an appetite to tackle difficult problems.
Creating homes
At Jigsaw Group, we remain committed to helping tackle the housing crisis. With a robust financial position, we are well-placed to fulfil our development ambitions and build in excess of 5,500 new homes by 2028.

Actively seeking to develop in 15 local authority areas across the North West and East Midlands, we believe modular build will form an important element of our future development programme.
Building lives
At Jigsaw Group, we strive to create stronger communities with improved local services. Our work helps regenerate neighbourhoods and increase life opportunities for residents and their wider community.
Be Zero sets out our ambitious plans to become a carbon neutral organisation by 2050.  The projects and initiatives we will be delivering as part of our new evolving sustainability strategy, will not only be good for business and the planet, but will also improve the health and wellbeing of our communities.
About us
Here you can find out all about our company, our wider activities, how we perform and our plans for the future. As a company we aim to be open and honest about our activities.

This approach is central to our relationship with our customers and helps us create and maintain confidence in our services.
Our performance
The Group has an established suite of performance measures which are monitored by the board and by the Risk & Audit Committee on a quarterly basis.
Investor updates