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Financial Statements 2020/21

Our focus throughout the pandemic has been to ensure the safety of our employees and customers while we continued delivering essential services.  We have worked hard to successfully manage the challenge of covid-19, becoming more accustomed to new ways of working and getting things done.

Highlights of our work in the year include:

  • The safe delivery of vital support and repairs services to our residents.
  • A strong build programme for affordable homes.
  • Solid sales of shared ownership and homes for outright sale throughout the year.
  • The launch of our treasury vehicle, Jigsaw Treasury Limited.
  • The completion of a key it project to move the Group to a new housing management system.
  • Further corporate simplification work to reduce the number of separate companies in the Group.

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Financial Statements - earlier editions

Jigsaw Homes Group was formed in 2018 through the merger of Adactus Housing Group Limited and New Charter Housing Trust.  The Group’s first Financial Statement were published for the year 2019/20.

Jigsaw Homes Group Financial Statements 2020

Below you can view the Financial Statements for the founding members of Jigsaw Homes Group.

Adactus Housing Group Limited Financial Statements 2018

New Charter Housing Trust Financial Statements 2018

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