Who we are

About Jigsaw
Jigsaw Group was formed on 03 April 2018 through a transfer of engagements of New Charter Housing Trust into Adactus Housing Group.
Our group members
- Jigsaw Homes Midlands
- Jigsaw Homes North
- Jigsaw Homes Tameside
- Jigsaw Support
Board Members
The Jigsaw Group board is responsible for directing the Group’s affairs and delivering the strategic business objectives.

The purpose of the Board is to lead, direct and control the Group’s business, determining strategy, culture as well as scrutinising and evaluating delivery of those strategies.
Executive Management Team
The Jigsaw Group Executive Management team are responsible for implementing and directing our Corporate Plan.

The ‘blueprint for our future’ Corporate Plan gives the group a clear direction for our future that will adapt to a changing and challenging operating environment and the particular projects that will be undertaken during the coming years to fulfil our Mission of: “Creating homes. Building lives.”