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Reporting repairs
Making sure your home is maintained in a good state of repair lies with both you as tenant, and us as your landlord. Your main responsibility is to report repairs quickly to avoid further problems arising.
Repair responsibilities
Jigsaw Group is responsible for the main structure of a property and for repairing items that were part of the premises when a tenancy started. Here you can find a comprehensive breakdown of our responsibilities and yours as a tenant.
Condensation and mould
We are here to help resolve damp and mould issues and offer appropriate advice for households to maintain a home free from condensation and mould. If you are struggling with mould build up in your home, please get in touch.
Staying safe in your home
We want to do everything we can to make sure our residents stay safe, healthy and well in their homes. Our helpful guides can provide you with more information about fire safety, gas safety and electrical safety in and around your house.
Being prepared for floods
Even homes that are not in an immediate risk of flooding can be affected by excessive rainfall. ‘Surface water’ occurs when drainage systems are unable to cope with sudden, heavy rainfall, causing flash floods. Unfortunately there is no direct warning for this type of flood, but there are precautions that you can take.
Energy advice
A few simple steps could help you run your home for less as well as producing fewer harmful CO2
emissions. More than half of the energy we use at home is used for heating and hot water.
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