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What is Jigsaw Rewards?

Jigsaw Rewards is an innovative online tenant engagement programme that encourages our tenants to provide regular feedback on services and plans for the future.  The website (https://rewards.jigsawhomes.org.uk) allows you to take part in as many or as few activities as you like and at a time that it is convenient to you. In return, you will receive points which can be exchanged for high-street gift vouchers or credits towards your rent account.

How to register

It is simple and quick to register! Visit rewards.jigsawhomes.org.uk and enter your surname and 8 digit payment reference number. Once you’ve given us a little bit of information about yourself and your preferences, you’ll receive an email which needs to be validated before you can take part. You can also opt in to receive regular emails from us advising you about new activities, so you’ll never miss out!

Your preferences

With Jigsaw Rewards, you’re in control. Simply tell us which kind of topics you’re interested in, and how you’d like to take part and we’ll only display the activities you are interested in. You can do as much or as little as you like!

How to get involved

Once you’ve registered, all available activities are displayed for you to choose from. Activities include multiple choice surveys, more detailed surveys where we ask you to do something before giving your feedback, voting tasks, photo tasks and the opportunity to volunteer for a scrutiny panel.

Collect points

Each activity allows you to collect points. The amount varies depending on the activity so why not take part in them all! You can choose to save your points up or redeem them as often as you like.

Receive rewards

You can convert your points to rewards. 10 points is worth £1.00 and you can opt to receive vouchers, including high street shops, online retailers, charity donations or even nights out! Or you can opt to have your points converted into a credit on your rent account. But hurry, as points will expire one year after being awarded.

How we will use your data

We will use your data in accordance with our website privacy policy. Only limited personal information is used to administer the website. In addition, the information you submit through our activities is anonymised before analysing or sharing. You may unsubscribe from Jigsaw Rewards at any time.

Feedback: 'You said. We Did'

We publish the results of activities on our websites. Check the ‘You Said. We Did’ news section for the feedback on the latest surveys.

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