Building lives

Jigsaw Support
Jigsaw Support encompasses all of the Group’s homeless and domestic abuse services with our early help, preventative, community and mentoring programmes.

Our projects and services are as diverse as the needs of the people we support and range from homelessness and housing advice, domestic abuse support, employment services to agency managed properties and more.
Jigsaw Foundation
Jigsaw Foundation is our annual £500,000 fund to support local projects run by charities, resident and community groups, voluntary organisations, social enterprises and partner agencies.
Jigsaw Rewards
Jigsaw Rewards is an exciting opportunity for Jigsaw Group residents to give us regular feedback on our services and plans for the future. In return, you will receive points which can be exchanged for gift vouchers or credits on your rent account. It is simple and quick to register!
Housing for the over 55s
We have over 30 years experience of providing quality homes for the over 55s and Extra Care accommodation across the North West and East Midlands.

Be Zero - becoming carbon neutral by 2050.
At Jigsaw Group we are taking action to reduce our impact on the environment. Our Sustainability Strategy sets out the framework of how we plan to provide more sustainable housing, reduce fuel poverty and cut our carbon emissions.