Group members

Jigsaw Homes North
Jigsaw Homes North (formerly Adactus Housing Association Limited) was formed in 1964 and now owns and manages over 17,000 homes across the North West.
Jigsaw Homes Tameside
Jigsaw Homes Tameside (formerly New Charter Homes) was formed in 2000 as the new landlords to own and manage homes transferred from Tameside council in Greater Manchester.

Jigsaw Homes Tameside now owns and manages around 16,500 homes in Tameside.
Jigsaw Homes Midlands
Jigsaw Homes Midlands (formerly Gedling Homes) was formed in 2008 following a stock transfer from Gedling Borough Council. Jigsaw Homes Midlands now owns and manages around 3,300 home across the Midlands.
Jigsaw Support
Jigsaw Support brings together our support services from across the Jigsaw Group including: Motiv8, Inspire, homelessness and housing advice services, Housing First, complex families, domestic abuse support, employment support projects and agency managed properties.
Snugg Homes
Based in Greater Manchester, Snugg Homes specialise in offering first-time buyers affordable homeownership solutions including Shared Ownership, Help to Buy and Market Sale.