Building Foundations for Getting Active

A local sports-based charity has successfully received £30,000 worth of funding from Jigsaw Foundation to help residents improve their lives through physical and mental activities.

Foundation 92, located in Salford, focuses on supporting communities within Greater Manchester through sport, education and bespoke projects.

It aims to help those living with additional needs and disabilities, those tackling homelessness or young people who may be at risk of committing offences.

Through the funding, they will target Jigsaw neighbourhoods in Gorton, Hulme, Moss Side and Denton and help with youth engagement, family mentoring and social inclusion for residents aged 50 and over.

Residents will be able to participate in sports events and light exercise to build confidence, communication skills, improve mental well being and create community cohesion.

Tom Hutton, Head of Foundation 92, said “The funding and support we receive from the Jigsaw Foundation has enabled us to impact the lives of many individuals across the Manchester community.

The support of Jigsaw Foundation is vital in achieving our aims and delivering our provision in the community. We are delighted to be continuing our partnership with Jigsaw, and we can’t wait to build on the impact that we have already made together across Manchester.