You Said We Did: Complaints Policy Review 2023

You Said We Did: Complaints Policy Review 2023

A total of 178 Jigsaw Rewards members took part in this consultation as part of the annual review of the Jigsaw Complaints Policy.

There was strong support for all key parts of the policy with 93% of members in favour of a ‘put it right’ approach. We found that 85% and 80% respectively supported the timescales for investigations and reviews and 95% agreed that the exclusions list is reasonable.


You said: The feedback from Jigsaw Rewards members strongly supports our existing approach, which is designed in line with the Housing Ombudsman code.

We did: We will continue to take this approach given the positive feedback.

You said: Some of the comments left on the survey suggested a few people had found old copies of our Complaints Policy via Google or other search engines.

We did: We will ensure any old policies are removed to minimise the chance of confusion for any residents who wish to complain.

You said: The majority of Jigsaw Rewards members who had personally made a complaint rated the handling of the complaint as good or very good, but 32% did not.

We did: We would like to encourage any customer who is unhappy with the handling of their complaint to contact the Chief Executives’ department and ask to speak to a manager. Customers can contact The Housing Ombudsman at any point during the complaint process. It cannot investigate the complaint whilst the complaint is going through our internal complaints procedure, however The Ombudsman may be able to help you and your landlord reach a resolution.


Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey.

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