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Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2022

In December 2021, the Regulator of Social Housing published a consultation paper on the introduction of Tenant Satisfaction Measures. The consultation suggests that 12 of the proposed tsms should be measures of tenant perception obtained through satisfaction surveys and the rsh set out detailed methodological guidance about how such surveys should be undertaken. The tenant perception measures are:

TP01 Overall Satisfaction.
TP02 Satisfaction with repairs.
TP03 Satisfaction with time taken to complete most recent repair.
TP04 Satisfaction that the home is well maintained and safe to live in.
TP05 Satisfaction that the landlord listens to tenant views and acts upon them.
TP06 Satisfaction that the landlord keeps tenants informed about things that matter to them.
TP07 Agreement that the landlord treats tenants fairly and with respect.
TP08 Satisfaction that the landlord keeps communal areas clean, safe and well maintained.
TP09 Satisfaction with your neighbourhood as a place to live.
TP10 Satisfaction with the landlord’s approach to handling of anti-social behaviour.
TP11 Satisfaction with the landlord’s approach to handling of complaints.
TP12 Tenant knowledge of how to make a complaint.

In August, more than 3,000 of our tenants took part in a survey to measure Tenant Satisfaction as part of the Regulator of Social Housing’s consultation.

The questions were based on a rating of how satisfied residents were across the range of tenant perception measures.  Overall, 68% of tenants are very or fairly satisfied with Jigsaw.  To find out more, you can view the summary report below or access the full report for a more detailed analysis of the findings.

Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2022 – Summary Report>>

Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2022 – Full Report>>


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