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Subletting is when a leaseholder rents out part or all of their home with a contract to another person, who becomes a subtenant.

Eligibility for subletting

Your lease will determine whether there are any restrictions on you subletting all or part of your home.

If you are a Shared Owner, sub-letting will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances. If you wish to sublet your home or part of it, you will need to seek approval from the Leasehold team. This can be done by email to:

During the subletting of your home you will be required to provide Jigsaw Homes with your correspondence address, letting agent (if applicable) and tenant’s details. If you are given consent to sublet your property, you will remain responsible for the conduct of your tenant.

We ask that you keep in regular contact with your tenant and that you terminate their tenancy if they breach the terms of the lease. If we receive complaints or have concerns that lease conditions are not being kept then the consent to sub-let can be withdrawn and we can take legal action against you as the leaseholder.

Running a Business from your Home

Your lease will tell you whether or not you can run a business from your home.

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