Scrutiny resident testimonials

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Caroline from Chorley – “Jigsaw encourages tenants to get actively involved with issues affecting customer data. Zoom meetings were managed well as we methodically stepped through the agenda. I felt our views were respectfully listened to and sometimes, if not always, acted upon. A worthwhile participation. Thank you Jigsaw”

Debbie – “I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the scrutiny panel I never knew so much went into keeping our information safe I found it very interesting and informative and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.”

Joanne from Chorley – “Informative scrutiny panel, which was easy to take part in and gives residents a say.”

Panel member from Ashton-under-Lyne – “Since May I have been involved in tenant scrutiny with 5 other tenants. We have the capacity to go up to 12 tenants so I would encourage tenants to get involved. Prior to the 3 two hour meetings we are sent some reports to read-they are written clearly and jargon free so they are not complicated at all. No previous experience is necessary and the Jigsaw staff support you all the way. I think we all have an opinion of our landlord and although these meetings aren’t the right time for me to sort my issues I do feel valued when our opinion is sought. Meetings take place on zoom so you need a laptop, tablet or smartphone. You need to attend all 3 meetings and read the reports to receive the incentive.”

Sasha – “it was interesting to meet a group of people to discuss a somewhat dry but important subject, and to be part of a process to effect change for regular every day people.”

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